Individual Treatment
DTouch offers a variety of techniques and modalities to facilitate your healing journey physically and at the mental/emotional level.
We offer:
Aromatouch Massage Technique with CPTG essential oils from doTERRA 

Thai Yoga Massage & KIDA Method (developed by Daria Kilburn) 

Myofacial Release Technique based on the teachings of Til Luchau

Reiki & Chakra Balancing – Master Certification through Tracy Makarenko

Jin Shin Jyutsu Acupressure = JSJ
This profound ancient Asian art helps us to see and eliminate the causes for our daily stress or tension. 
JSJ works with activating the individuals self-healing capacities, strengthens the immune- and the nervous system, relieves physical tension & stress and brings about the balance and homeostasis in body and mind.
For your treatment please come 10min earlier to fill out any paperwork, bring with you or come in comfortable, loose clothes (for JSJ you will stay dressed). At the beginning of the session we will perform physical range of motion testing, body reading and pulse listening. A combination of all the results will determine the course of the treatment sessions to follow.
After every treatment the client receives exercises and self-help training to work with at home on a daily basis, to be able to create and maintain your own body-mind-soul homeostasis.
Duration of the treatment: depends on the individual issue (appr.50-60min)
Cost for one treatment: $60.00 + mileage, in case of a home visit ($0.55/km) (in special cases and depending on the different nature of issues, special modalities and payment options will be applied)
Location: Wizard Lake, AB, Canada – call today to book your appointment +1 780 729-7808