“It is the true inner smile from the inside out, from the soul, from the heart that makes every day simply fantastic! Be in the NOW and enjoy every moment…just BE!”
Daria K.

Already throughout high school I was interested in natural healing and its link to psychology and philosophy, later in 2005 receiving my BA in Psychology and finishing my Master of Business Administration (MBA) at Webster University of St.Louis Missouri my journey to become a Jin Shin Jyutsu (JSJ) practitioner started, without me actually noticing and pursuing it intentionally.
Through the study of yoga in depth, a couple of years later and through a good friend and yoga teacher of mine I experienced the art of Jin Shin Jyutsu for the first time.
For me the life concept of yoga and the art of Jin Shin Jyutsu are closely related in their roots and their look out on causes of our projects in life.
In 2009 I experienced my first JSJ treatment, which helped me to overcome my reoccurring back pain and recover from a very sad state of mind emotionally. I was so fascinated by this art that I started to study it intensively first just to be able to stay in perfect harmony within my body and mind in this busy world and later to be able to share my knowledge with family and friends.
Further, seeing all the positive effects of the JSJ practice I decided to devote myself completely to the study and practice of this art- by giving treatments to my clients and also treating our animal companions (dogs, horses, cats) and by teaching Jin Shin Jyutsu Self Help classes to help others to find their own, innate self-healing capacities.

I think a good way to describe my practice is through the words of my clients:

After experiencing JSJ I think it is a fascinating technique to bring balance to your everyday life. The treatment felt as a little vacation – as though I just had a power nap. Immediately afterwards I felt rested and completely relaxed. At the beginning I couldn’t stop thinking that my baby boy would wake up any minute. This thought kept me from relaxing and enjoying the treatment at the beginning but a few minutes later I let go and felt very light, I could feel the muscles in my back loosing tension. After the treatment I felt wonderful, recharged and rested! It’s like having a really good power nap ;))
By evening though my body began feeling sore, but in a good way. Everyone who goes skiing knows this feeling you get by the end of the day – all of your muscles are aching and you have no strength left at all.  But you feel so happy and you know you did something good for your body and mind!!! I definitely would seek another treatment – just waiting for Daria to come to Vienna/Austria again
Maria, mother of two wonderful children. Vienna/Austria

My experience having a JSJ treatment with Daria was beyond awesome!  It was a positive experience and I would highly recommend it to anyone!  During treatments I felt very relaxed, as Daria skilfully went through the treatment in an extremely calm and professional manner. I was so relaxed I am sure I must have had a „nap“.  Overall I felt more energized and my „whole self“, -mentally,physically and emotionally was balanced. My JSJ treatment freed the energy in my body that was blocked.  This energy blockage was contributing to my lack of energy and feeling tired. After spending an hour with Daria, having a treatment I had this renewed energy and felt over healthier, and relaxed.I have a very stressful job, working as a social worker, so taking care of myself is so important.  Daria provided me with some treatment exercises that I can do on my own at home, between treatments. I was empowered to help myself which complimented the treatments she provided me! JSJ treatment is non-invasive and is not painful at all. It was an amazing experience that everyone should take advantage of! I will have a treatment again and again!
Gail, Social worker. Edmonton/AB

The art of JSJ is wonderful. It is not only a treatment for some physical or emotional projects. It motivates you to live consciously. During a treatment you begin to relax and sometimes you feel that something is moving inside you. Right after the treatment sometimes you need more time to relax and to „bring your body and mind back to the earth“. I recommend to take each chance you get for a treatment.
Barbara, employee in the healthcare sector. Vienna/Austria

My first impression about JSJ – I still don’t know how to pronounce it, but I trust Daria and was curious about her new discover and her absolutely contagious enthusiasm about this topic. It still is an art with a lot of unknown areas and secrets in it and I still trust Daria in her intuition and work. I believe the treatments helped me more in an emotional aspect in discovering my own „energy channels“ and being able/finding the trust that my body can heal itself and knows so much more than I am aware off. During the treatment I would usually go through a wide range of emotions. From feeling sceptical about the whole topic, loaded with everyday worries and business, feeling nervous about not being able to let go of my thoughts to a final relieve at the end feeling relaxed and proud of being able to take the time and having such a great friend to devote her time to support other peoples „life journey“. I recommend JSJ to everyone. It is that simple.
Mariam, MSc Architecture. Edmonton/AB

I find JSJ very relaxing and non-invasive. Daria is very confident in her approach and makes me feel comfortable. She is respectful and gentle with clients. JSJ was helpful emotionally for the most part but also physically. I consulted with D-touch for emotional reasons but the outcome of the treatments were also noticed physically. The treatment helps me get into that meditative mind set and assists me in feeling at peace with myself. It helps to keep me grounded. Every time I go for a sessions with Daria a weight has lifted off my shoulders and I can think clearly. I have and will continue to recommend D-Touch to my friends and family as everyone could use a little help with deep relaxation and re-centering of themselves physically as well as mentally.
Amelie Caron, owner & CEO of Eco Synergy. Edmonton/AB

I had a cyst in my right ovary for 3 months that grew up to 10 centimeters.
Before I went to Jin Shin Jyutsu I already went to see two doctors who told me that they either wanted to take the cyst out or to treat it with hormones.
I didn’t want to use general medicine or hormone additives, so I decided to get a Jin Shin Jyutsu treatment by Daria & Barbara, where I also had to do self help at home on a daily basis.
I felt my body reacting positively to the treatments.
After the third session I went to my Gynecologist and he figured out that my cyst was gone. Just disappeared. It sounds like a miracle and I cannot explain how it happened but I was just so happy that it did go away!
At my last 4th session that I received after my good news my entire body was amazingly well-balanced.
I highly recommend this treatment to everyone who wants to avoid general medicine by choosing an alternative approach of living a healthy life.
Julia, student at BOKU. Vienna/Austria