My Passion for essential oils and healthy living began already in Europe/Austria. Being a Yoga teacher, an JSJ-acupressure practitioner and having a small Ranch in Canada – I LOVE having a well balanced approach to staying healthy.

My dream came true for me when I started DTouch-Health Solutions Inspired by Nature.

I can’t imagine living without this beautiful gift of the planet earth to us – MY OILS support my wellbeing on many levels, from aromatic pleasure that I derive diffusing my oils, to helping me with minor or major health projects like belly aches, headaches, muscular tension, hormone balance, stress reduction and emotional support.
For me my business is a combination of different tools like yoga, acupressure and essential oils and my personal consultation always includes a well rounded individual approach to the current state, which my customers might experience. Curious to learn more about the oils and about me, come and visit me at Wizard Lake/AB